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A study from the University of Durham states that testosterone levels in men are largely determined by their environment during childhood. Men who grow up in more difficult conditions with many infectious diseases, for example, have lower testosterone levels than those who grow up in healthier environments.

Childhood and testosterone
The study, published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, challenges the theory that testosterone levels are controlled by genetics or origins. Since high testosterone levels can lead to an increased risk of prostate overgrowth and cancer, the researchers suggest that any screening for risk profiles should take into account the child’s environment. The study found that Trialix Bangladeshi men who grew up and lived in the UK had significantly higher testosterone levels than the relatively affluent men who grew up and stayed in Bangladesh. Bangladeshis in Britain also reached puberty earlier and are taller than men who grew up in Bangladesh.

Not all equal before testosterone
Researchers say these differences are related to the use of energy. Because it seems possible to have a high testosterone level if the body does not have priority requirements, such as the fight against infections for example. In countries where there are many diseases or malnutrition, men use their energy for survival, to the detriment of testosterone. The researchers collected data from 359 men. They raised their height, weight, age of puberty and other health information, as well as saliva samples, to examine their testosterone levels. Their comparison was made on the following subject groups:

Men born and still residing in Bangladesh;
Bangladeshi who moved to the UK as children;
Bangladeshi who moved to the United Kingdom as an adult;
Second-generation men born in the United Kingdom whose parents were Bangladeshi migrants;
Europeans born in the United Kingdom.
Testosterone and health
The lead author of the study, Dr. Kesson Magid of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Durham (United Kingdom), said: “The absolute levels of testosterone in a man are little related to his ethnicity or to his environment in adulthood but rather to his environment during childhood. Men with higher levels of testosterone are more exposed to the potential side effects of this hormoneon health and aging. Very high levels can mean an increase in muscle mass, but also an increased risk of prostate diseases. Very low levels of testosterone in men may include lack of energy, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. The testosterone levels of the men in the study, however, were all within a range that was not likely to impact their fertility. Co-author Professor Gillian Bentley of Durham University said: “Very high and very low testosterone levels can have health implications and it would be important to know more about their risk factors. according to the conditions and for certain diseases “. Aspects of male reproductive function remain variable until adolescence, until the age of 19 and are more flexible in childhood, according to research. However, the study suggests that in adulthood, men’s testosterone levels are no longer strongly influenced by their environment.

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