How to use private messages from social networks to flirt

The private message is a central part of the digital age, but the risk of failure is high. Here is your guide to send him private messages

A meme appeared in the era of digital romanticism: slipping into one’s private messages . Social networks have done bizarre things to all forms of interaction, especially flirting. Never has such a large laboratory of conquering phrases been made available to men. An average man can be thrown out three times before getting out of bed while those at the top of the chain of romance can list the equivalent of a week of dates on the hour of noon.

The problem with private messages on social networks is that they rarely work and that the results are often pre-determined by tarvos testo the pull factor of your profile. Part of the problem is that they are mostly reserved for foreigners or distant acquaintances.

If you knew the person well, you would send sms, you would call or you would go directly to see it. The private message on social networks is a limited platform for first impressions. It’s like passing The Voice auditions using only four notes. Using this kind of message should be your last resort. If there is another way for you to show your interest, use it.

If you have not met her yet, be careful: private messages on social networks are an extreme sport. There is competition. The obstacles are numerous. You will only land in her private messages if she wants to.

Although the risk of failure is significant, many men still use the same strategy and hope to succeed. We have compiled some elements that inspired the meme. Here are some tips before you jump into the water.

First, a small flowchart to help you know if you’d better send him a private message or not:

Say you’re going to send him a message. Here are some things to know:

The following emoticons should never appear in your private messages.

These emoticons are to private messages what garlic is for vampires. Even if you are really eating eggplant, nuts, peach, banana or watermelon when you send the message, cut them with a knife and rinse it with water while your roommate clown marries his pregnant girlfriend by doing the pear, avoid these pictures. Always.

Now let’s see what to do and what not to do:

Don’ts: start with a dick pic
We hope it’s obvious. Would you approach a stranger in a bar by lowering your pants to show her your erection? It’s an offense .

To do: start with your common interests
Does she post things about astronomy? Politics ? The sport ? Books ? The food ? The owls? Determine what is important to him and start with it. Start the conversation on an interest you have in common. It’s even better if you have a friend in common.

Don’ts: be generic
You must find ways to stand out from others. The following messages are not sufficient:

What’s up ?
Hey 🙂
Koi 2 9?
Super smile
You are beautiful
You have incredible eyes
you are sexy
How are you?
Hello beauty
Are you a supermodel?

She has already heard them all.

Don’ts : a whim when she does not answer right away
When the online suitor goes from nice to mad as soon as his target starts to ignore him. Example:

LeMecQueYouDoNot want to be: ” Normally I do not do that but you seemed too interesting and too beautiful for me not to contact you. Here is a GIF of two lazy out of bath who are a hug. Good Thursday .

LaFilleAuProfilInterested: ” Normally I do not respond to messages from people I do not know, but when I do, it is usually because of lazy out of bath who cuddle .

LeMecQueVousNotWoar: ” You might be surprised to know that lazy people out of the bath who cuddle are the cause of many things in the world. What are you doing on this beautiful evening? ”

LaFilleAuProfilInterant : ” Not much. I just got out of work. And you ? ”

LeMecQueVousNEWOnTo be: ” Same ”

LaFilleAuProfilInterested : ” What is your job? ”

LeMecQueVousNot want to be: ” I take shark teeth ”

LaFilleAuProfilInteresting : ” hahaha ”

LeMecQueVousNeVoulezPasAtre: ” This is a very serious job ”

LaFilleAuProfilInterant : ” No, but seriously, what are you doing? ”

LeMecQueYou do not want to be: ” I am the Prince of Monaco. An astronaut. A mime .

” What’s the problem with you bitches who do have after the money? Are you obsessed with salary? I work hard for a living and I do not need to justify myself to people I do not know. I do not want to spend my money on whores like you. Do you think you’re better than me? Do you think you’re sexy because you take pictures in underwear and you post them online? You are nothing more than a porn for the poor .

Sounds absurd? Unfortunately, it is a phenomenon that will do anything to better pass the rejection or to arouse his interest again. It will only humiliate you even more. If you can not figure out how to avoid this for human decency, remember: she knows how to take a screenshot and she is not afraid to post it .

To do: ask thoughtful questions
Maybe she speaks Italian, plays the violin, or does a lot of trekking. Maybe she just posted a selfie after having her wisdom teeth removed.

After a friendly hello, ask him a question. Recommendations for books to read in Italian for beginners ? What are your favorite contemporary violinists? There are good hikes to do in the area? How have you been since your wisdom teeth were removed?

A thoughtful question will personalize the message and prove that you have done your lessons. It is much more likely that she will answer you if she feels that you are really interested in her life. (Note: do not refer to something she posted too long ago, it’s scary, just look at the first rows of photos on her Instagram account or her most recent tweets.)

Sending private messages on social networks is not easy, but here’s the best advice we can give you: once you’ve done it, make sure you go from virtual to real.

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