Our tips for starting or resuming running

Do you want to resume the sport to lose weight or just to keep the line and avoid being overweight? Running particularly attracts you?

Here are some tips for beginners so that your practice is as pleasant as possible and that motivation is at the rendezvous ! Frequency, duration, equipment: you will know everything you need to know to run well.

Establish a training program to progress
You are a beginner and want to burn your calories as quickly as possible, that’s normal. But to think that the nutrix slim keto distance traveled plays on weight loss is a mistake. Indeed, it is the duration of your exit that counts. And again, you do not want to run 45 minutes from the first exit. Nothing like to disgust you from running!

To avoid any demotivation, start with a slow run, twice a week, about 15 minutes. If running 15 minutes in a row seems difficult, alternate between brisk walking and running at first.

As you go, increase the duration until you reach 45 minutes at a time. To refine yourself, force yourself to run 2-3 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

Find the right pace
Finding your rhythm requires listening to your body. When you resume or start running , consider adopting a moderate pace that does not run out of steam. Do not decrease or increase the pace for 10 to 20 minutes .

The goal is not necessarily to run faster but to run longer. At too great a rate, you risk getting tired and not reaching the goal of 45 minutes of training.

Choose an affordable path
The ideal when we start or when we take the running is to always make the same course to know if we improve or not. In addition, for starters, avoid terrain that is too steep or too violent for the joints. Tender soils are highly recommended (paths, undergrowth or parks, for example).

Choosing the right shoes
To feel comfortable during your running outings, bet on shoes adapted to this sport. No need to invest in expensive sneakers but still avoid wearing your tennis every day.

In order to refine and stay in shape, simply, the ideal is to run 30 to 45 minutes three times a week. Whatever your age and weight, think that the important thing is not the speed of your race but the duration of your outings.

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