The paddle makes work which muscles?

If you are looking for a physical activity to lose weight quickly and refine your silhouette while having fun , the paddle should suit you. It has been made very famous by many American stars and models who have made it their favorite activity.

But what exactly? What parts of the body can you work with? We give you more details here.

A multi-level beneficial activity
Paddle can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, improve blood circulation and help eliminate toxins from cells and slimquick keto tissues quickly and efficiently . In fact, most of the time, we spend most of our days in a sitting position.

This is not necessarily beneficial for the muscles located at the level of the back and for the abdominal part. The paddle can mitigate these effects because it is practiced in standing position.

For good practice, it is also necessary to take firm support on his legs, which allows to unfold the body and put all the vertebrae in the ideal position.

Thanks to the effort that is exerted, all the muscles that intervene in the maintenance of the back are strongly solicited. This helps to correct back pain, reduce belly push, but also to naturally position the buttocks and strengthen them.

The regular practice of paddle also allows to have arms, shoulders and thighs more tonic . The effort that is exerted to handle the paddle makes it possible to work deeply the muscles located at the level of its different parts of the body.

In addition, according to yoga practitioners , the standing position that is adopted during the paddle makes it possible to align the “chakras” to help the body to recharge itself in order to improve its mood and sensitivity.

What is the paddle?
The paddle is a very famous sport activity in the summer, which consists of standing on a surfboard and moving forward with a paddle. It is very fun and can be practiced alone or in groups on a pool, a lake, a river or even on the waves of the sea. For a beginner, the most difficult is to manage to keep the balance on the board and to advance at the same time.

But with a few hours of practice, it will become almost a reflex for you and without even realizing it, you will paddle for several hours.

The paddle is one of the most complete water sports available. It has multiple benefits, as well for the bottom as for the upper body. The only precaution is to learn to keep your back straight to avoid possible pain.

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