How to make a low calorie diet at 1000 calories a day?

Because the low calorie diet suits you so well , you want to raise the bar even higher … New objective: 1000 calories !

And so a new daily menu to prepare, but unfortunately, which also means: to meet can be a few disadvantages .

Are there any disadvantages to making a 1000 calorie low calorie diet?
Limiting yourself to 1000 kcal / day is starting a “real” fat burn diet ! At this stage, the daily energy intake is reduced by half for a woman and more than half for a man. So obviously, the disadvantages begin to surface.

Hence the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet for a long time, which will also be the result of rapid weight loss without yoyo effect !

Know that when dieting burns fat at 1000 kcal, you will likely have:

Bloating, which will be due to the overdose of foods rich in insoluble fiber consumed (green beans, spinach, strawberries, etc.), during meals;
Fatigue, due to the decrease of sugars during meals, especially that of breakfast;
A food deficiency , due to the reduction of macronutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins) and micronutrients (trace elements, minerals, vitamins). However, people with low active lives may not be affected by dietary deficiency at this stage of the diet.

What if I am subject to these consequences?
If the rhythm of the diet begins to become insurmountable, the best solution will be to seek the advice of a specialist (dietician), who will be best placed to advise you in the pursuit (or not) of your cure.

Remember, if you have diabetes and want to lose weight , seek advice from your dietitian, to guide you in the best keto drox choice of diet to follow.

Which 1000 kcal menu?
Pay attention to your diet , it is to develop recipes, from fresh and organic food!

1 unsweetened coffee
1 egg
2 cereal rusks
15 g of fresh goat cheese
(182 calories)

In case
1 natural yoghurt
100 g of fruit salad
(129 kcal)

110 g vegetarian rice salad
1 serving of papillote cod
100 g of cauliflower gratin
(492 calories)

To taste
1 apple
(55 kcal)

1 regular slice of rye bread
1 cup of zucchini soup and potatoes
(129 calories)

A good menu, which keto drox will put you in a good mood!

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