How to lose weight with squats?

With age or following weight gain, your hips gain volume and tend to relax. Unpleasant to see, you would surely like to get rid of it. But which exercise would be best suited to burn both your calories and redraw the lower part of your body?

The first answer that comes to mind is squats, a sport that has become trendy thanks to Hollywood stars. But is it really effective to lose hips or is it just a fad? This article is intended to unveil this mystery.

squats, a complete exercise that refines the hips
squats can work all the muscles of the slimquick keto lower body for a perfectly redesigned silhouette. By soliciting the buttocks, the quadriceps, as well as the hamstrings, the squat melts fat located at the hips.

A more than effective way to say goodbye to your unsightly cellulite . And the best thing is that you will have at the same time more plump buttocks and thighs perfectly harmonious. And if you think the benefits stop there, well no!

In fact, this program also helps you to have knees less prone to injury and better posture. What give you all the cards to make a new start and leave in seduction mode.

How to correctly squat to refine?
The posture is very important. First, stand up straight with your legs apart at the same width as your shoulders. Then stretch your arms, inhale and descend so that your thighs are parallel to the floor.

To do this, flex your legs by pulling your buttocks as far back as possible. Then, go back up and exhale while going down your arms. In addition, it is very important to slow down your movements slightly when you go down to properly solicit your muscles.

Then go back and accelerate lightly while doing contractions of your buttocks. During exercise, your back should be a little arched, your shoulders back and your chest out.

A typical program of squats
The exercise is quite repetitive, it is advisable to vary it from time to time to not get bored. This is good because there are different variants of this sport, what to make a program.

In addition to the classic movement detailed above, you can then practice this sport with your legs apart. This will be used to work your adductors while losing weight on your hips.

Also, you can add loads to make the movements more difficult, but especially to have well designed muscles. For the most athletic among you, there is skateboarding jumped, very effective for burning a lot of calories.

Of course, as in any training, it is advisable to do small series of twenty repetitions to avoid saturation of the muscles. The slimquick keto ideal would be to repeat the effort 2 to 3 times a week.

Doing squats is an effective method to lose weight hips by working all the muscles of the lower body. So, do not wait any longer to get to work!

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