How to lose 11 kg in 6 months?

Losing 11 pounds in six months will get you back on the line. This delay is acceptable to refine your body without having to suddenly change your diet. In 6 months, you will have the time to reduce your overweight and avoid the yo-yo effect.

To easily reach this goal, you will need to follow a suitable diet and play sports . Let’s see here how to lose those 11 kilograms in six months.

Lose 11 pounds in 6 months taking into account basal metabolism
You will have a more precise idea of ​​the quantities to consume after the calculation of your basal metabolism. This basic metabolism represents the calories it takes your body to function and provide vital functions (brain function, homeostasis, breathing, heartbeat, etc.).

To lose weight, keep a daily calorie intake at least equal to your basal metabolism (MB). You will need to gradually k2 slim keto reduce your energy intake to lose your extra pounds , without falling below the MB, to avoid deficiencies , fatigue, etc.

Adopt a balanced and healthy diet
To slim down 11 kilos in 24 weeks, you have to focus on the good lipids. You must therefore reduce the number of calories assimilated per day. It is not useful to ban lipids . You only need to stay each day at 1 gram of fat per kg of weight of your body, while focusing on good lipids (mackerel, olive oil, almonds, coconut oil, nuts, etc. .).

Avoid nibbling with processed foods and industrial products. When you have a craving for 10 hours for example, eat a banana, an apple, cottage cheese, some cashew nuts, etc. Take healthier snacks than chocolate or chips to avoid slowing down your weight loss. By avoiding junk food, you put all the chances on your side to win this challenge.

Go for a good balanced breakfast, do not have a Western breakfast that promotes weight gain. For a healthy breakfast, take sugar-free green tea, slimming smoothies to eliminate fat, seasonal fruits, oilseeds, eggs, etc.

You just have to eat better or have a balanced diet to lose your extra pounds. To do this, you must also change your eating habits by preparing dishes in advance and buying healthy products in a supermarket. This will allow you to lose your 11kg quickly and find the line. Drink plenty of water to rid your body of fat, but avoid drinking cold water after your meals.

If you decide to go on a diet to lose 11 kg, do not forget to consult a nutrition specialist. He can give you tips that will help you slim down.

Exercise to lose 11 pounds in six months
Physical activity can affect your weight in many ways. On the one hand, you burn more calories while walking than sitting in front of your computer, and that’s normal! On the other hand, playing sports regularly increases the mass of your muscles .

And the more muscles you have, the more important your energy needs are: when you are in the diet phase, it helps eliminate excess weight, when you are in the stabilization phase, it allows you to have food fantasies which have no consequence.

So you have to take every opportunity to get moving: walk your dog further, walk the distance from two stations if you take public transport, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. You can also focus your family leisure on your physical activity (pool sessions, ping-pong, cycling …). If physical activity in a group or family can give you the motivation to eliminate your 11 extra pounds, then do some physical activity with your family or friends!

To better lose your weight, a training program combining muscle strengthening and cardio will help you increase your energy expenditure by gaining muscle. Thinning 11 kilograms is a great achievement, but the ideal is to have an athletic figure in the end.

If you start exercising again to lose weight, take a doctor’s advice or exercise test. It is important to do this test after 40 years.

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