Jennifer lopez’s sports program for a dream body

Who does not drool on the dream body of J-lo, all women dream of having his body and all men dream . But if the singer, mother of twins, who turned back to these 49 spring has always this line to make envy even the most imperturbable, it is above all because she takes great care of her body following a diet and a well-being routine .

The sporting routine of Jennifer Lopez
The singer and actress fitness program includes various daily sports units : she swims two hours a day to improve her blood circulation. In addition to jogging and cycling to increase her fitness, she is taking Pilates classes. She has the chance to follow the advice of two sports coaches; Tracy Anderson in Los Angeles and David Kirsch in New York.

With the diametrically opposite visions of the two, she has the choice to a variety of activities. Kirsch is a fan of boards, abs, pumps and boxing while Anderson prefers “freestyle”. This means that she is entitled to use weight for movement, and thigh exercises, etc.

J. Lo’s favorite jogging tracks are the beach and walks along the streams. Jogging on the sand increases the difficulty and is therefore particularly effective for losing weight quickly . The advantage is also to enjoy the superb panorama during the raceWork the less muscular parts

A relentless desire to maintain his line
Her coaches have developed for her an effective personalized routine that includes a circuit that makes her work all the natura farms keto muscles of her body, between dance and fitness exercises . At the gym, she uses simple equipment such as free weights of medium size, balls, straps or resistance bands.

The routine also includes exercises using body weight . If for the average person this beginning of session can seem already too intensive, for J-Lo it is warming up. Jennifer is disciplined and focused on her goals during her workouts. Focused on each movement and applying the best, she does not hesitate to associate to go to the gym with other stars like Dwayne Johnson to emulate and boost his motivation .

An irreproachable diet and zero addiction
In addition to these intensive sessions, it is also her food that allows Jennifer Lopez to maintain a perfect figure. The star uses protein powder to start her day and pays attention to the calories she consumes. Jennifer’s diet has always been very strict , she takes little fat despite nibbling healthily. No sugars, no processed foods and no alcohol. In addition, the star does not smoke and never takes coffee.

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