The diet without meat effective to lose weight?

If you find yourself in a situation of overweight or obesity, do not wait! It’s time to choose a strict program to burn the excess calories you have stored. Several diets are available to help you lose weight. But what about the meatless cure? Does it work?

The principle of the diet without meat
In addition to this method, there is also one that simply reduces the number of calories you consume . And although both allow you to lose weight, do not eat meat is even more effective.

Indeed, a vegetarian diet (based on fruits and vegetables only) can extract all the toxins from your body , including fat. bio x keto The results are therefore radical. In addition, some fruits (such as lemon) have acidic properties, which accelerates the burning of calories.

The limits of this program
Even though the weight loss is notable and fast, this program inevitably leads to deficiencies. The problem: eating only plants robs your body of many nutrients, such as fat or iron. Result: a great feeling of fatigue .

To avoid this, do not chain the vegetarian diet indefinitely. Nutritionists agree that you can take this program for 2 to 5 days. In addition, no sports allowed due to deficiencies. You then need a recovery period of 5 to 10 days , during which you will eat a little of everything, but without excess. That is, no fatty foods, no gas and no alcoholic beverages.

Menu type for a cure without meat
Morning: 4 bananas , 1 lemon juice, tea or coffee without sugar
Lunch: tomato salad, 2 potatoes, 1 orange juice
Afternoon: 3 bananas
Evening: 2 apples , sugar free tea
For each day, you can base yourself on this menu. But the replacement of the ingredients is de rigueur to vary the flavors. Also, only one yogurt (animal product) is allowed per day .

Certainly, your nutrition is troubled because of the deficiencies of the diet without meat. But if your concern is just to lose weight, it is effective. And that’s not all. Its results go beyond those of a low calorie diet , for example, with 2 times more kilos eliminated.

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