What are the benefits of dynamic yoga to burn calories?

Yoga brings benefits to the body and mind, regardless of the form chosen. To eliminate those extra pounds that bother you, choose a dynamic yoga activity, whose postures will help burn calories.

How dynamic yoga exercises help with weight loss?

Although it is not their original goal, the different types of dynamic yogas not only burn calories (up to 600 kcal per hour, the equivalent of good jogging ), but also refine your figure and to help you strengthen your abs … even as a beginner.

Dynamic yoga will help burn calories by playing on a sequence of dynamic postures. This type of exercise has a direct impact on limb flexibility, well-being and elongation, as well as the effort required of the body, which causes it to “burn” energy. After all, by definition, “dynamic” yoga is so qualified for its more intensive and physical character than other types of yogas!

For an effect on the line, it is important to practice very regularly and ideally 2 to 3 times a week.

The other benefits of dynamic yoga on the body and mind

Whether you are in the morning or in the evening, dynamic yoga carries many virtues:

Better posture and improved posture

  • Flexibility
  • Balanced
  • Inner calm and sense of calm
  • Breath management for less anger, better sleep …

These factors combined will also impact the line of many people, who will have less desire to take revenge on food when something reaches them in their daily lives.

From health to inner well-being to eliminating unwanted pounds , dynamic yoga has a lot to offer. It remains to choose the form that suits you best! A pregnant woman will not practice the same way as an experienced yogi or a great beginner without flexibility.

The different types of dynamic yoga

There are several types of yoga, including several so-called dynamic forms:

  • Ashtanga (6 postures in coordination with the breath)
  • Vinyasa (sequence of fluid and varied postures)
  • Iyengar yoga (more precise and modern)

The Kundalini, which also combines songs, mantras, breaths of “fire” very intense …

The simplest is to try different disciplines online or, ideally, in a specialized studio. By taking the time to listen to your body and your feelings, finding “your” dynamic yoga will be much easier. To you the appeasement, the well-being … and a reworked line!

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