Our advice to lose 3 kg after 60 years!

Losing weight quickly after 60 years is no longer as easy as before even going through aids like the Weight Watchers program . However, by setting the goal of -3kg on the scale, and if you give yourself Keto Slim Rx time, losing weight permanently is quite possible . Here are some tips to eliminate your fats and exercises adapted to your age.

Whether you are a man or a woman in your 60’s, you have to take your time to lose weight.

Our advice to lose 3 kg after 60 years

Forgotten drastic diets and too restrictive Dukan style or chrononutrition at risk of deficiencies ! After sixty, it is better not to hope to lose a lot of weight in a very short time. Indeed, at this age, we lose one or two pounds per month. It is better to bet on a healthy and balanced diet based on fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish. Just avoid too fatty dishes, prepared or in sauce and the trick is more or less played!

Drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins

In addition to eating a balanced diet, regardless of age, it is important to consume a lot of water at the time of a detox cure . Start your day with a glass of water or lemon juice to drain your body and eliminate toxins . Herbal teas can also be perfect slimming allies.

Bet on sport to naturally lose weight

Playing sports after 60 years requires finding suitable activities. Indeed, if it is important not to be totally inactive, it is better to gently apply the entire body and avoid cardio for example.

As a result, walking remains the most appropriate physical activity (running or jogging, for example, with the jolts it causes on the spine, may do more harm than good). With walking, a sexagenarian can take the pace that suits him to burn more calories.

Yoga or Pilates helps to build muscles and feel more peaceful . The practice of these sports allows to work its flexibility Keto Slim Rx and flexibility, which is not negligible when you get older.Finally, swimming or water aerobics ( with elliptical as in the case of the aquabike for example ) also allow not to traumatize his joints while toning his figure effectively.

You will understand, to lose a little belly fat , nothing like combining healthy nutrition with regular physical activity.

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