6 stars, 6 slimming tips to adopt as soon as possible!

In recent years, the stars reveal their little secrets little by little to stay on top of their physical form. Here is a selection of tips and tricks practiced by celebrities.

Beyoncé: a 22-day vegan diet

To keep her wasp waist and her beautiful curves, the performer of Sweet Dreams put on the “22 days vegan challenge” developed by his coach Marco Borges. Of a vegan type, this diet is based on the Envy Naturals Keto exclusive consumption of natural fruits or drinks , vegetables, seeds and vegetable proteins.

The food is also organic and gluten free . Added to these are the super foods like chis seeds, kale and quinoa.

Cameron Diaz: The Paleolithic Diet

To keep his slender figure, Cameron Diaz focuses on healthy food, good quality and above all, unprocessed. In her Body Book, the California star points out every benefit of products that come directly from the land, and have not been tampered with by technology.

Jennifer Aniston: The Zone Diet

In addition to her iconic hair, healthy eating is part of Jennifer Aniston’s identity. To keep her line, she adopted the method The Zone to lose weight. Decreasing the insulin level , that is to say the hormone that promotes the storage of fat, this diet consists in avoiding the consumption of refined white sugar, white bread and pasta, and favoring the fruits, vegetables as well as lean meats . Added to this is its “40:30:30” method, that is 40% carbohydrates , 30% fat and 30% protein.

Blake Lively: the sport

The sport 6 days a week for 30 to 75 minutes is the tip adopted by Blake Lively to lose weight quickly . To have her slender figure, the pretty blonde uses the talents of her coach Don Saladino. His routine begins with warm-ups, and continues with 5 to 7 minutes of mobility work, and cardio exercises that work the entire body .

Monday and Thursday are dedicated to upper body work, Wednesday for a full workout, Tuesday and Friday lower body and Saturday, a focus on the arms and shoulders. According to his coach, the “raised Kettlebell sumo” is the slender asset of Blake Lively.

Pamela Anderson: vegetarian diet and chewing gum

The vegetarian diet is one of the slimming secrets of the former star of Alerte à Malibu. She began to ban red meat , pork, chicken and seafood from her diet as a teenager. To help her in her diet, she also has a little trick: chewing sugar-free chewing gum when cooking, to avoid nibbling and tasting the dishes.

Jessica BIEL: healthy chips and food in small quantities

Jessica Biel loves crisps. To stay in top shape and avoid weight gain, she decided to replace standard chips with baked potatoes, and biscuits dipped in hummus , low in calories.

His other trick is to take small amounts of food, but frequently, every 3 hours. His menu is prepared by his personal coach and consists of 3 main courses, 2 snacks and a small snack. Each meal stimulates Envy Naturals Keto REVIEWS the metabolism and provides enough energy to allow the body to lose weight, with a result of 1 kg per week.

The result of the tips and slimming secrets provided by the stars turn out to be real. On the other hand, their effectiveness depends on each organism.

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